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AlphaBay Market Mirrors

This AlphaBay Market review will objectively tell you about its functionality, usability and unique features.

Since the return of AlphaBay and at the date of writing this review, it has become the No. 1 market, so the rigor and objectivity of the content of this review will be at the highest level.

After the departure of White House Market, ToRReZ Market, Dark0de Market and World Market, this AlphaBay Market review will be more useful than ever.

Also, we took care of you and wrote step-by-step guides on using AlphaBay Market, you can read them in the Blogs section.

Note that this piece is purely for educational purposes. Do not go off buying/selling illegal goods on AlphaBay Market. That’s not legal.

I do advise you read the fine-print, a lot of other questions not mentioned above will be answered. Let’s begin then?

Guides for beginners:

I advise you to use this table of guides, you will get answers to many questions that are not covered in the main content of the review.

*This review is purely for educational and research purposes.
We haven’t verified the legitimacy of the vendors on the Market.
Any action, both legal and financial, and all losses arising from this review, of any kind, are 100% your own responsibility

AlphaBay Market – Primary features

Before we start with this overview of the AlphaBay Market, let's highlight its main characteristics:

Visit AlphaBay Market

Security tips before accessing AlphaBay Market

It’s not wise to access a darknet market without the proper precautions. Hence, make sure you’re untraceable before you land on that URL. Here’s how to do that:

  • Switch your TOR security from “Standard”, to “Safer” or “Safest”.
  • Download NordVPN and connect to its “Onion over TOR” servers. This is an additional protection layer that’s exclusive to

NordVPN Download

  • Make sure no other apps/programs are running on your system when you’re accessing TOR.

If you don’t know how to access the deep web safely then you need to check out my complete guide that will guide you, and will let you all necessary steps that will protect you one the deep web.

How to Access the Deep Web

Also, read our FAQ before you proceed on this AlphaBay Market review.

Is AlphaBay Market Anonymous?

Any market on the darknet hosts its website on the TOR network, ensuring complete confidentiality to every user of AlphaBay Market, leakage of your actual IP address is impossible.

We strongly recommend that you do not neglect the use of VPN anonymizers, for 100% confidence in your security and the security of your Internet activity!

More important is the following: AlphaBay Market accepts only Monaro cryptocurrency, which ensures complete confidentiality of your financial activities, also requires you to use a PGP key to encrypt the contents of correspondence inside AlphaBay Market and, more importantly, boasts of having an I2P mirror resistant to DDoS attacks.

In a general sense, this is a more anonymous and demanding market, requiring you to have Monero in your crypto wallet and the ability to use encryption with a PGP key. Registering on AlphaBay Market is simple and accessible for everyone.

Is the captcha on AlphaBay Market user-friendly?

I will try to consider the captcha as objectively as possible, taking into account reviews about it on forums and from personal contacts with AlphaBay Market customers.

You can see several captchas on AlphaBay Market, but you will see a conceptual difference only in two of them, the rest are the same, but have a slightly different task, for example, in the fight against phishing and so on.

The first for consideration will be a captcha from Endgame 3.0, I will immediately mention this is not the author's decision of the AlphaBay Market administration, they simply use the Dread forum development to filter incoming traffic in order to mitigate DDoS attacks on themselves, it is presented in the image of a dial with pointers to the exact time “HOUR / MINUTE” that you need to specify in margin bottom for solutions to this captcha.

The second captcha will meet us on the “Registration / Login” page, it is made in the traditional format of a picture with symbols, this captcha is definitely considered user-friendly and generally recognized for many decades.

I rate captcha on AlphaBay Market more positively than negatively, but this review criterion will be taken into account to a lesser extent, since opinions may differ radically here.

Is it easy to register an account on AlphaBay Market?

Comparing account registration on AlphaBay Market with other darknet markets, it will be difficult to find a significant difference, which means that you can easily switch to AlphaBay and register an account there if you have had any experience in other markets.

To register an account on Alpha Bay Market, you just need to select the type of account “Buyer or Vendor” and specify “Public Username, Login, Password and PIN” after which you can be active inside the market platform.

I do not observe any requirements for the client during the registration process that may cause him excessive difficulties with their execution, so I definitely positively assess the format of account registration on AlphaBay Market.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register on AlphaBay Market.

Is it pleasant to interact with AlphaBay Market interfaces?

I cannot give my answer for everyone, for obvious reasons, but still for this review it is important to consider the interface of AlphaBay Market, the interface is a mirror of any website on the Internet, this truth simply does not allow me to bypass this aspect.

The interface of the current AlphaBay Market has minimal similarities with the interface of the past AlphaBay, rather, the similarity of the interface can be traced to the White House market, which is not surprising, since this market was a muse for the AlphaBay administration and greatly influenced how the market will look and the policy they are currently pursuing.

Let's move on to the analysis of the interface - AlphaBay Market has retained the traditional block structure originating from Silk Road 1.0, we are primarily talking about listings on the left sidebar and links to important sections in the upper panel.

The area just below the top panel is reserved for the search bar, which is conveniently located, and the rest of the space is used to display the promoted products on the market.

The page scale and font size attract attention as much as possible, because they are pleasing to the eye and presented in the correct color scheme.

We can continue to analyze each page of AlphaBay Market, but we simply do not have enough timekeeping to do it in detail and not miss something, so let's focus on this and my assurances that the other pages are as good as the main one.

To be honest, I do not know how to evaluate the interface so that the evaluation is balanced and not biased, but I can assure you that if you are a connoisseur of the “Classic / Traditional” style in interface design for the darknet market, you will definitely like the AlphaBay Market interface, but if you would like something new and more meaningful than what most people are used to, most likely, you will find this interface too ordinary and, perhaps, even inconvenient for you personally.

What is the quantity and type of products sold on AlphaBay Market?

One of the most important aspects of the review on AlphaBay Market.

The entire product range is 53058 listings at the time of writing the review. Moreover, it is forbidden to duplicate any listing, this is a mandatory rule for vendors selling on AlphaBay Market. The product quality and moderation of vendors' activity on AlphaBay Market is higher than in competitor markets, which leads to some scandalous blocking of seemingly trusted vendors, It seems this is one of the few markets that cares more about buyers than about vendors.

AlphaBay Market Products Graph

The largest category on the market is “Drugs & Chemicals”, which is as obvious as in any other darknet market. The total number of products in this section is 38870, which no other market can boast of, as always, you can find there traditional sub-categories such as: Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Psychedelics and etc.

The next section “Fraud” with 6117 listings. Traditionally, this section allows you to purchase: Bank Accounts, CVV & Cards, SSN/DOB/Fullz/Scans and Fake IDs.

Next are the “Guides & Tutorials” with 2956 lists where you can buy: Carding Guides, Hacking Tutorials, Security and Social Engineering Manuals.

The last in the list of large categories is “Digital Items” with 1465 lists, in the case of AlphaBay Market, this section is intended for sale: E-books, Game Keys, Erotic Content and Other Digital Items.

AlphaBay Market of course has more product categories, for example: Hacking & Spam, Services, Counterfit Items, Malware and Software. The story about each of them will take a big place in the review, so we will save you time and let you familiarize yourself with it on their website.

What is forbidden to sell and what is impossible to buy on AlphaBay Market?

Having heard about the darknet in the information field and especially about the darknet markets, people have a false idea that everything illegal in the world can be freely sold on dark markets, but this is a deep misconception, and, in particular, with AlphaBay Market, we will quote global rules regarding the sale of products, the sale of which in this market is strictly prohibited.

Let's quote the global rules of AlphaBay Market concerning products prohibited for sale, violation of which is punishable by blocking on the market:

  • NO harming others
  • NO guns/guns discussions
  • NO terrorism related products, services or propaganda
  • NO erotica/porn/softcore of any sorts
  • NO fentanyl or fentanyl-laced/based substances
  • NO Covid-19 vaccines/cures or vaccines of any sorts.
  • NO any Russia/Belarus/Kazakhstan/Armenia/Kyrgyzstan-related activity

In fairness, there are other darknet markets that do not prohibit selling what the AlphaBay Market prohibits, but this is not about them and AlphaBay Market will never be such a market.

This is not a “reproach” towards AlphaBay Market. We fully understand the inadmissibility of conducting such transactions, which are socially and morally unacceptable.

What are the policies and requirements for vendors on AlphaBay Market?

AlphaBay Market accepts both existing vendors and new ones. A fee of 1.5 XMR is required to obtain a vendor bond. The fee for the vendor's bond is non-refundable, keep this in mind if you are not sure that you want to start your business on the darknet and, in particular, on the AlphaBay market.

Are you a vendor with an established reputation in other markets? You are entitled to a free vendor account. Here's how to do it.

The only requirements for sellers on AlphaBay Market are set out in the global rules, if you are a beginner, moderation will be stricter, since no one is sure of your reputation, if you are a reliable vendor, you will feel a little freer, but you also risk being punished for violations of the global rules, which has happened many times with such vendors.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get vendor bond for free on AlphaBay Market.

What Cryptocurrencies does AlphaBay Market accept?

AlphaBay Market accepts only Monero and it does not accept any other cryptocurrency, a conversation passed briefly from the administration of AlphaBay Market about the possibility of adding other cryptocurrencies to the market, but it did not go further than discussing and announcing these intentions.

AlphaBay Market works with a central wallet replenishment system, which means that you need to make a preliminary deposit to your wallet linked to your account, the funds in your account can be spent on goods, vendor bonds and easily withdraw them to your wallet address, with the ability to simply and, most importantly, automatically perform this procedure.

How do I make a deposit to my AlphaBay Market wallet? Everything is as simple as in any other market of the past and present, a detailed step-by-step guide can be found here.

How complete is the search filter on AlphaBay Market?

Considering search filters and the convenience of their application, we estimate how much time a user spends searching for products on AlphaBay Markat.

Below is a screenshot showing all available search filters:

AlphaBay Search Engine

So, there is a line for searching for products by keywords, then you can choose the type of product (digital or physical), sorting the search results according to what type of product should be the product you are looking for.

One of the main filters is the “Price Range” filter. Allows you to set the minimum and maximum price of the product. This will reduce the time spent looking through hundreds of unfiltered items in an attempt to find something that fits your budget.

The filter by category is quite simple and helps to narrow down the search to a specific category. The “Ships to” filter will show you the goods that can be delivered to a country convenient for you.

No less useful filter “Origin Country” ensures that you receive the goods only from the right country.

The buyer can also choose their own escrow mode. Do they need a full escrow or do they agree to enter into transactions at an early stage?

So, all the most necessary search engine filters on AlphaBay Market are present.

Which security features does AlphaBay Market offer?

AlphaBay offers us a wide range of traditional methods of protection and unique let's talk about those and these.

To begin with, accounts can be secured using 2-factor authentication. This is done by encrypting account access using PGP. Here's how to enable 2-FA on AlphaBay Market.

The second is the PIN code that you specify during registration and which can be changed later.

The third is the recovery phase, which allows you to reset the password to an account with lost access to it. Here's how to reset your password using the recovery phrase on AlphaBay Market.

Unique and most tempting is AlphaGuard, which successfully works on AlphaBay that's what it is:

AlphaGuard is a very well-tested system that ensures that even if all servers are confiscated, users will be able to withdraw their funds, settle disputes and leave without losing a cent.

We will not explain by what means this became possible and how exactly it works, but we can assure you that it is really true and amazing.

AlphaBay Market (2014-2017) vs AlphaBay Market 2.0 which is better?

This issue is controversial, to express your opinion in such an important review would be a violation of its honesty and integrity, we suggest comparing the merits of the first version and the new one, this will be part of the basis for the verdict in this review.

Studying the history of the darknet markets, we can learn that the AlphaBay market has always been an honorable market and was considered the number one market, and that is why they were the first to create autoshop, the first to add Monero and had the largest number of listings in the history of the darknet, for a moment it was more than 280 thousand listing units, could not repeat such sizes nobody.

If it was so awesome, then why did they fail? The main problem of AlphaBay of the past is its security, or rather its absence, compared to how it is now being approached in the darknet scene, asking for electronic mail as a mandatory requirement for registration was in the order of things for AlphaBay, it was also typical for him not to encrypt the information in the database, which later deanonymized the founder of AlphaBay and led to his arrest, and all the unencrypted information in the database went to the law enforcement agencies, which subsequently deanonymized hundreds of thousands of customers of this infamous market, but since this review is honest, we cannot keep silent about the fact that all the money in AlphaBay's crypto wallets was confiscated, and these are tens of millions that belonged to their customers, security that's what will become the basis for comparing these two markets.

DeSnake who managed to avoid deanonymization and arrest, like no one else managed to learn the lesson of what happens if you spit on good security, he decided to return AlphaBay as a market with the strictest security policy, as a market that cared about users and pre-issues them phrases and tokens that allowed them to withdraw their funds and to resolve disputes in the event of the arrest of AlphaBay servers in the captured market, he calls it AlphaGuard, there was nothing like this on AlphaBay of previous years, but since the new AlphaBay market is very young, it cannot boast of the peaks of the past, he is not so rich in listing and in general still has to earn the trust of the community inherent in his predecessor, but we definitely give our vote for the new AlphaBay safety above all, and they have shown by example that you can learn from mistakes and correct them correctly.

AlphaBay Market review- final verdict

After reading this review of AlphaBay Market, you already have an idea of the market, don't you?

As for our opinion, we would say that this is a very good and trustworthy market (at the moment). This means that its product range, search filters, security features and supplier policies are impressive. Its set of unique features clearly puts it in the “top” league of the darknet markets.

However, it is limited by the security framework, you can only pay with 1 cryptocurrency, as well as direct pay is not the main payment method, which increases the chance of exit scam, it requires improvement and changes.

There are no more serious complaints. And therefore, I would rate it 10/10, given that nothing is perfect, it's just our estimate.