AlphaBay Market - FAQ

  • Is AlphaBay 2.0 directly related to AlphaBay 2014 - 2017?

Yes. This is the legal successor of the real AlphaBay Market (2014 - 2017). Alpha01 (DeSnake) signed a message with a PGP signature confirming his identity and the return of AlphaBay. The administration is almost the same as in the period 2014-2017, which means that you will see again that AlphaBay works with mature management, unsurpassed security, professional and well-trained staff 24/7 and, of course, a unique vision of the future not only for yourself, but also for the darknet market.

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  • Which cryptocurrency does AlphaBay Market accept?

They only accept Monero (XMR) and nothing else, yes, this means that you will not be able to pay with Bitcoins and any other cryptocurrency other than Monero. But, by the way, a few months ago, the AlphaBay administration publicly announced that it would add other coins, but no action was taken.

  • Is having an account mandatory on AlphaBay Market?

Yes. Without an account, you will not even be able to view the market and the products posted on it, so make sure you have an account, and we will make sure that you can easily create it with our step-by-step guide: how to register on AlphaBay Market.

  • Is AlphaBay Market a centralized wallet or wallet-less?

Both centralized escrow and wallet-less payment.

Our step-by-step guide to traditional escrow: how to deposit funds on AlphaBay Market.

  • What is the commission for withdrawing funds from AlphaBay?

Only 2% for each withdrawal.

  • Does AlphaBay Market offer free vendor accounts?

Yes. In the case when a trusted vendor (in other markets) applies for a vendor account, he/she receives it for free. But this requires verification, and the final decision remains with the market, there is no guarantee that you will get it even if you are a trusted vendor.

  • How much does AlphaBay Market charge for selling products?

5% is charged for the sale of each product.

  • Can I convert a buyer's account to a vendor's account on AlphaBay Market?

Yes. Despite the fact that when registering an account, you choose the type of account you want to register, but if you are a buyer, there is nothing wrong with that, create a ticket and ask to change the type of your account and get a vendor bond without any problems.

  • Does AlphaBay Market have any restrictions on products?

Yes. AlphaBay Market does not allow the sale of illegal porn, weapons, prostitution and covid-19 vaccines.

  • Does AlphaBay Market have a bug bounty program?

AlphaBay has a bug bounty program. They are ready to pay money for any vulnerability or bug in the security system, provided that you make responsible disclosure of information.

  • Is it possible to use Multisig 2/3 on AlphaBay Market?

No, because it is currently impossible to create a stable multisig for Monero.

  • Does AlphaBay Market publish a Canary?

It is there. The link can be found in the footer of the market.

  • Does AlphaBay have its own forum?

Yes, it is one of the discussion centers of AlphaBay and its future.

A link to the AlphaBay Forum can be found here.

  • Is it legal to access AlphaBay Market?

Yes, as for market access, it is not illegal. However, buying or selling illegal goods on AlphaBay Market is absolutely illegal.