If you want to protect yourself from hacker attacks aimed at hacking your account, as well as to protect yourself from attempts by phishers to gain access to your funds, enable this basic and very important security feature.

This is especially important if users want to sell on AlphaBay Market. Since an active 2-FA is mandatory for doing business in this market. Moreover, having a dialogue with someone on AlphaBay requires you to use PGP encryption of your messages, if you still don't own your key, then here's how to create a PGP key for AlphaBay market.

So, here’s how to enable 2-FA on the market:

Step 1: Log in to your account > hover over “My Cabinet“ (far right on the top panel) > then hover the mouse pointer over the fifth position in the “(ACCOUNT)“ table and click on it “(Public PGP / Enable 2FA)“.

How to Enable 2-FA on AlphaBay Market Image - 1

Step 2: Hover over the input field for the PGP key, insert your own there, and then enter your account password and click “Edit PGP / 2FA Settings”.

How to Enable 2-FA on AlphaBay Market Image - 2

If after these actions your page has been updated and your PGP key is displayed there, then to proceed to the next step, click on the red button > “VERIFY PGP”.

Step 3: On the confirmation page, you need to select and copy the encrypted PGP message that needs to be decrypted, how to do this is shown in the following steps.

How to Enable 2-FA on AlphaBay Market Image - 3

Step 4: Open Kleopatra, go to Notepad > Paste the message you copied into the input field > then decrypt it by clicking the “Decrypt / Verify Notepad” button.


Step 5: From the contents of the decrypted message, copy the “pgp-verification-code” > paste it into the field of the same name on the confirmation page.

How to Enable 2-FA on AlphaBay Market Image - 5

Step 6: The final step! Check the box next to “Enable PGP Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)” as shown in the screenshot below, pay attention to the status on the right, it should be: “Disabled”.

How to Enable 2-FA on AlphaBay Market Image - 6

Step 7: The only action you should do is to check the activity status of two-factor authentication, it should be: “Enabled”.

How to Enable 2-FA on AlphaBay Market Image - 7

That's it, now you are protected, after logging out of your account and logging in again, you will need to decrypt the PGP message sent to you as the owner of the PGP key that you inserted into your profile, no hacker or cracker will be able to get into your account, it's simply impossible.

To disable the 2-FA feature, uncheck the box to the right of “Enable PGP Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)”. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS!